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We designed our Human Resource services to meet your school or organization no matter your size.

We developed a 3-tier service offering; EOR (employer of record), PEO (co-employment) or payroll service provider.
Employer of Record (EOR)

In Our Employer of record model, we employ your staff and take care of all your human capital administration while allowing you to mitigate risk.

Professional Employment Organization (PEO)

We co-employ your teachers and staff, allowing you to maintain 100% direction and control of your school, while putting the responsibilities of Human Resources, Risk Management, Employee Benefits and Benefits Administration, Payroll and Tax administration upon us.

Payroll and Administration (ASO)

You remain as the employer of your staff and we handle your HR administration.

We developed our services to be customized based on your need. 

Giving our clients this flexibility allows them to benefit from the enhanced tools, software and support geared towards schools while also allowing each school to keep their autonomy.

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Recruitment Support + Applicant Tracking

You receive a user-friendly applicant tracking system that will help you find qualified candidates,
assess skills and streamline communication.

Partner Solutions helps with:
Applicant Software Tracking
Job posting on Academy website, Indeed, Glassdoor and a multitude of education and position specific websites
Electronic Employment Application
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Onboarding + Compliance

We are prepared with a dedicated onboarding team to provide a friendly, smooth, and easy onboarding all 
tracked in our HR database designed specifically for schools.
Partner Solutions helps with:
Paperless onboarding with digital signature capability
Guidance for employees through the new hire process
Custom forms created for your academy
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Your dedicated payroll specialist ensures your payroll is completed accurately and on time with 
customized reporting for your school.  
Partner Solutions helps with:
Payroll Processing (includes online employee and employer portals)
Time, attendance and PTO tracking platform
Third Party Reporting
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Benefits & Retirement

Affordable, top-notch benefits are provided to you and your staff; administered by your dedicated Benefits Specialist.
Partner Solutions helps with:
Medical, dental, vision, life, and disability package design, retirement
Open Enrollment Administration
Employee benefits communication and education
Screenshot of Partner Solutions Dashboard
Screenshot of Partner Solutions Dashboard
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HR Consultation

Receive exceptional service from a dedicated and experienced HR professional who is ready to advise 

and support School Leaders on all Human Resources topics.

Partner Solutions helps with:
HR Guidance
Risk Management
Employee Handbook and Forms
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Our Technology

Our Technology simplifies your work with information at your fingertips. 

Partner Solution’s HR software platform allows you to access your secure employee data from any device, at any time.  

From applicant tracking to benefit enrollment, our technology seamlessly integrates several modules, giving you a one stop shop of accurate, real time information with the click of a mouse.

 Employee & Manager Experience:

Through a single sign on experience, all employees and managers can access a beautifully organized dashboard that connects them to their personal data, important links, announcements and much more.

 Data & Reporting:

We provide our schools with a custom database that tracks and reports on position specific credentials, safety trainings and more - eliminating complex and out of date excel spreadsheets.

 Payroll Processes:

Automated payroll processes and approvals provide transparency and confidence to school leadership, knowing their staff are paid on time and accurately, every pay day.

 Benefit Enrollment:

A step by step benefit enrollment process that provides key information and answers questions along the way, allowing employees to feel confident in their choice and understanding of the benefits provided to them.

 Electronic Onboarding:

A fast and efficient onboarding experience that includes school specific forms, designed to get new hires excited and ready to work.

Partner Solutions Dashboard Screenshot
Partner Solutions Dashboard Screenshot

Serving Those Who Serve Students

Teacher with students all around him, teaching geography

Deliver the Highest Caliber Care

We’re here to support your administrative and operational needs so you can stay focused on delivering the highest caliber instruction and compassionate care your students rely on.

Flexibility to Scale Both Directions 

We provide you with flexibility to scale up or down based on the areas you require support in at any given time.

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teens with laptops, sitting off bench

Better Serve Your Community

Through our partnership, we strive to enable your school to reach even greater heights in serving your students, families and communities.

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