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Running the everyday operations of your school is an overwhelming, full-time job. Without school management support, you are taken away from what’s really important - helping your students succeed.

What Some of Our Schools Have to Say

I love the fact that Partner Solutions offers so many support services to its schools which allows me and my team to focus on the day to day operations and our academic goals. We have been with… read more

Dr. Cherise Cupidore

When choosing an Educational Service Provider, how that company invoices for services can be just as important as the services provided.  The "flat fee" rate of Partner Solutions works well for us… read more

Linda Ryals-Massey

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Avoid feeling stressed and drowning in paperwork. Let us help your school find success and get you back to doing what you love.

We Are A School Management Support Company

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We get it because we're educators too. You want to have the time, energy, and resources to focus on what matters, educating your students. When school management becomes your full-time job, and not education...

  • you feel overwhelmed
  • you feel stressed
  • you feel off-track

Having a reliable, experienced school management company as your partner gives you the freedom and the flexibility to get back to your passion. At Partner Solutions, we are a group of dedicated educators who work alongside you and your leaders to help you to achieve your mission and vision.

Dedicated to Working Side-by-Side With You

No matter how your need looks, we have a solution for you. We believe that school operations should support rather than disrupt your mission. We are experts in supporting schools. And because every school is different, our approach and services for your district are tailor-made to meet your unique needs. Whatever is best to help your staff, students, and community - we'll embrace. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships to give you the freedom and flexibility to get back to your mission - having your school grown and thrive.


Do you pass our operational check-up that indicates a healthy school.
School Management
Having a dedicated partner work side-by-side with your school leaders, staff, and board gives you the support, guidance, and backing you need to be successful!
Human Resource Services
From recruitment to retirement to every step in between, no matter where they are in the employee life cycle, your team receives HR services they need to be successful.
Financial Services
As school financial services experts, we provide you with the breadth and depth of our experienced financial services without the need to bankroll an entire department.
Operations Support 
Proper documentation, crisis management, compliance - all the day to day operations of your school are key to building an effective educational environment for your students.