Support that Makes School Operations Simple and Easy.

With the right help, you can have the tools to be a confident school leader without the extra weight of administrative duties holding you back.

Handling Human Resources Shouldn’t Be Your Full-time Job

Do you struggle with the bureaucracy involved with running your school?
For educators, administrative duties can pile up and all the reporting and compliance starts to seem like your full-time job.
HR Outsourcing?
Financial Services?
School Operations Support?
How can you possibly juggle everything?

School Operations Should Support Your Mission Rather than Disrupt it

We understand because we’ve been frustrated school leaders too, who just want to make an impact on students. 

At Partners Solutions, we’ve helped hundreds of educators rid themselves of the stress so frequently associated with school operations.


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LEADERS helped

How It Works

True Understanding

At Partner Solutions, we understand that there is a lot at stake when running your school.

Budget cuts, teacher shortages, ever-changing compliance requirements, social media issues, following HR laws - just to name a few. 

Every leader or board member in education needs a dedicated partner to guide them through all of these issues.

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Proven Experience

We have worked in the education and HR industry for over 20 years.

We run schools too so we understand the challenges you face. 

Your mission as an educator is to help children succeed and we want to help you do that. Let us support you so you can get back to doing what you love.

Let's Make Your
School Better.

We can help you face administrative challenges. 

Getting started with us is easy!

Just schedule a discovery call, and we will listen to your challenges and give you our resources and expertise to successfully transform your school.

Take control of your school with a trusted partner for advice and help.

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Cherise Cupidore, Crescent Academy

"I Love That Partner Solutions Offers So Many Support Services"

I love the fact that Partner Solutions offers so many support services to its schools which allows me and my team to focus on the day to day operations and our academic goals.  We have been with Partner Solutions since the 2007-2008 school year, and Partner Solutions has served as our partners in the growth and development of the school. We went from one campus to multiple campuses with the help and financial oversight of Partner Solutions. 

Partner Solution's expertise and knowledge in research-based educational resources not only helped us to solidify the appropriate alignment of resources to the Michigan State Standards; thus, allowing our teachers to meet the academic goals and move our students towards proficiency in Reading and Math...

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Partner Solution Human Resource Team helped our school in the prescreening process to secure highly qualified teachers for in-person learning and online learning. Partner Solution's quick and efficient onboarding process of new teachers permitted us to focus our efforts and time on familiarizing new teachers with our curriculum, academic resources, testing data, and school procedures.  Partner Solutions Human Resource Team is credited for aiding our school in increasing our teacher retention rate to 77% by partnering with us to develop a survey tool to determine the needs of our teachers to improve teacher sustainability across our district. 

Partners Solutions developed a customized “Teacher Salary Comparison Report” for Crescent Academy allowing our district to offer salaries that are in alignment with other neighboring Public School Academies (PSA’s) and local public school's salaries permitting our district to finally be able to offer well-matched salaries.  Partner Solutions monitoring sub permits and teacher certifications not only has helped our district remain in compliance our attention and focus has remained on the delivery of instruction, student learning, and student achievement. We thank Partner Solutions for doing the” heavy lifting” so we can focus our attention on the delivery of instruction, student achievement, student support, student and parent engagement, coaching teachers, and the professional development of our teachers.

~ Dr. Cherise Cupidore
Crescent Academy

 Don’t Try to Deal with Risky and Stressful Situations on Your Own

Staff Turnover
Discipline Issues
Regulatory Requirements
Budget Shortfalls

Partner Solutions Is the Operational Support You Need to Reduce Roadblocks and Feel Confident & Informed

Attract great teachers and keep them
Increase the positive impact you have on your students 
Stop worrying about administrative hassles
Save Time & Money
Let us be the solution
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