Additional Services

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$ Budget and Accounting
Through best practices, we will assist your team in developing, implementing and monitoring the school’s budget. We stay informed of all related school funding and best practices in order to keep your school’s resources allocated ina way to best help your students, staff and families.

 Financial Compliance
Our accounting system is built to assure that your stakeholders get the right information at the right time. With our strong system of internal controls, we will review and report all financial information with strict adherence to all applicablerules and regulations.

Purchasing & Invoice Processing

We pride ourselves on a streamlined processing system to allow theAcademy to properly plan and execute purchasing, focusing on intentional purchases. We process these documents quickly in order to pay vendors on a weekly basis.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budget Planning
  • Cash Management
  • Short & Long-Term Debt Consultation
  • Audit Preparation
We are educators at our core.
We are educators at our core. We have been school leaders and know how to run schools. Let our experience team of educators work with your school leadership team to develop sound instructional practices, curriculum, leadership strategies and planning.

  • Academic Program review
  • Leadership coaching
  • Strategic Planning
Board Meeting Coordination
From board meeting postings, notices and minutes, we will ensure your school board is in full compliance with your state and authorizer requirements. We are well versed in the Open Meetings Act which will make sure your board is operating with the upmost transparency.

 Policies and Procedures

We have developed an online repository of sample policies, administrative procedures, handbooks and forms to help your board and school leadership stay up to date with legal requirements and best practices.

  • School Board record keeping
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Handbook consultation
  • Federal and State regulation support
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