I Love That Partner Solutions Offers So Many Support Services

Crescent Academy

I love the fact that Partner Solutions offers so many support services to its schools which allows me and my team to focus on the day to day operations and our academic goals. We have been with Partner Solutions since the 2007-2008 school year, and Partner Solutions has served as our partners in the growth and development of the school. We went from one campus to multiple campuses with the help and financial oversight of Partner Solutions. We needed resources that would allow our teachers to meet the academic goals and move our students towards proficiency in Reading and Math. Partner Solutions expertise and knowledge in research-based educational resources helped us to solidify the appropriate alignment of resources to the Michigan State Standards

Dr. Cherise Cupidore

Flat Rate Fee Eliminates Surprises

NexTech Academy of Lansing

When choosing an Educational Service Provider, how that company invoices for services can be just as important as the services provided.  The "flat fee" rate of Partner Solutions works well for us in that the Board knows at the very beginning of the school year what the total charges will be, spread over the school year, eliminating  any surprises.  Details of pass through charges are available through the company's transparency portal which allows us to  maintain a pulse on how the school's money is being spent and if the expenditures support the school's mission.

Linda Ryals-Massey

They Go to Great Lengths

FlexTech High School

I have had the privilege of working with Partner Solution's External Relations Director, Julie Ostrowski, to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for my school. Before proposing a plan, Julie went to great lengths to understand our district vision and mission. She immersed herself in our school culture, attended school events, met with students, and talked to staff members in order to orchestrate a strategy that aligned with our goals and reflected the essence of our school. Julie combined her industry knowledge with what she learned during those field experiences to help us institute a creative, mission-driven public relations campaign.

As a the leader of innovative high school, it is important that I feel empowered and supported to make decisions that preserve my school’s unique identity.  I am happy to say that whether it relates to marketing, staffing, human resources, or curriculum support, the whole team at CS Partners respects our unique program while delivering the results we need.  I couldn’t be happier. 

Sarah Pazur

Extremely Well-Run

Ferris State University

Partner Solutions does a great job with compliance and making sure that all requests from the authorizers are met in a timely fashion.

I would high recommend CS Partners to any academy looking for a quality management company founded and run by educators who have children first and foremost in their decision making.

Ronald Rizzo

Great School Support

Clara B. Ford Principal

Without the philosophy and support of CS PARTNERS, we would never have ventured into this research!

Dr. Baroni