Student Discipline Guidance

Every student deserves to learn in a safe environment where they feel encouraged to discover, grow, and thrive. It's essential that when another student disrupts this environment, your teachers have the resources they need to rectify the situation. At Partner Solutions, we provide your school leaders with the student discipline guidance they need for success.

Benefits to Discipline Guidelines Guidance

The effective enforcement of your rules and regulations not only improves overall student behavior, it also reinforces a positive learning atmosphere for all your students to grow and learn. Understanding how to best implement your rules of conduct effectively is essential to the success of your school's mission and vision. With student discipline guidance, our experienced teams help guide your leaders through the process, mentoring them on the following: 

  • Student Code of Conduct: A major component of successfully implementing your discipline guidelines is to ensure they are clearly stated in the student handbook. Our team of education experts works alongside your school leaders to make sure that the student code of conduct in your handbook is updated annually
  • Discipline Implementation Guidance: We consult with your school leaders on the best practices when dealing with, and enforcing, student discipline, including:
    • Long term suspensions
    • Short term suspensions
    • Appeals
    • Expulsions
    • Due process for students
    • And More
  • Student Discipline Training: Whether on your campus or in our office, we provide you with invaluable student discipline training. We go over real life scenarios and troubleshoot how to properly address these situations in the moment. We also show your staff how to properly complete any necessary paperwork to ensure it meets compliance.

Effective student discipline results in an educational environment that helps all kids to grow and thrive. We work hand-in-hand with your school leaders, as your trusted partner, to provide you with student discipline guidelines. By having the tools and resources available to your educators, we help your school meet its vision and mission for the future.

For effective student discipline guidelines for your district, call or contact us today for more information.