Pupil Accounting

Enrollment retention to measuring school success, pupil accounting provides you with valuable insight into the proficiency of your school. As your trusted partner, we work alongside your school leaders to facilitate your biannual count days. Having a professional team, with decades of experience, takes away the stress of pupil accounting, giving you the opportunity to focus on what you're passionate about, educating your students.

Benefits to Pupil Accounting Services

Our team of educational experts work in synergy, giving us the unique opportunity to be able to work across departments to ensure your pupil accounting results are being utilized effectively for your school's mission and vision. During your student count days, in both October and February, we help you through every step of the process, including: 

  • Completing & Submitting All Necessary Documentation
  • Providing Guidance on Compliance 
  • Assisting in Count Day Process
  • Consulting on ISD Audits
  • Facilitating Student Required Reports
  • Generating Student Data Reports

Accurate pupil accounting results are essential to your school's mission and vision. The results of your count days can have an affect on funding, free and reduced lunch programs, and budget allocation; it's crucial that they are performed and reported accurately. Our team of experts utilize years of experience in successfully fulfilling pupil accounting requirements, we use this expertise to help your school succeed.

Accurate pupil accounting is essential to your school's success. Call or contact us today for more information on how we can help.