Facilities Maintenance

Keeping your school clean, safe, and upgraded allows your students and their families to feel secure and protected as they learn. At Partner Solutions, from project management to staffing to additional facility maintenance solutions, we work with you to ensure your schools are properly maintained, staffed, trained, and compliant to help you realize the mission and vision of your school.

Our Facilities Maintenance Solutions

  • Annual Facilities Walkthrough: At Partner Solutions, we make sure that your facilities are being properly maintained with a yearly walk through. During this walkthrough, a blueprint will be created that will highlight any areas that will need to updated, brought to code, or replaced. We will also assess that all emergency procedures are in place and complaint.
  • Emergency Assistance: Our facilities assistance team has years of experience working to aide in emergent situations such as flooding, loss of heat, roof leaks, and much more.
  • Compliance: When it comes to schools, it's imperative that your buildings establish a safe and productive learning environment for your students. With our facilities maintenance solutions, we ensure your buildings meet all codes and regulations to maintain your compliance. Including water testing, AHERA, and pest management integration.
  • Project Management: For your building's upgrades, our facilities maintenance solutions provide you with professional project management services to take your project from bid to final inspection. We understand your school's unique needs and help to manage all aspects of your plan including:
    • Aiding professional bidding process
    • Submitting all documents to the state on time
    • Creating project timelines
    • Acquiring all the required bids
    • Working alongside contractors throughout the projects to ensure they remain on time and on-track
    • Act as liaison to the board and school leadership
    • New building acquisitions
    • And more
  • Custodian Management: A major component to your school's success is keeping it clean and safe for your students. By talking with school leaders and authorizers, we work with your school to determine if the custodian team will be in-house or a bid from an outside contractor. At Partner Solutions, we provide you with essential custodian management solutions where we help facilitate the entire custodial process.
  • Facility Services: From lawn maintenance to snow removal to maintaining your HVAC systems, having your facility running efficiently is essential not only to the safety of the students but to the overall look of your buildings. Our team works with your district to make sure you have all the necessary systems up and running for your school to function all year long. We ensure compliance in integrated pest control, playground safety inspections and testing, and AHERA (asbestos hazard emergency response act). 

Ensuring proper facilities maintenance for your school district can take valuable time and resources away from what you do best, educating your students. As your trusted partner, we bring extensive knowledge, vendor relationships, and the ability to leverage our connections to help you cultivate the ideal facilities maintenance for your district.

Keep your buildings safe, clean, and up-to-code for your students and facility with facilities maintenance services from Partner Solutions. Call or contact us today for more information.