Crisis Communications & Support

When a crisis happens, your students, and their families, turn to your school leaders to keep them safe. From direct handling of the critical incident to effective communication during the aftermath, having immediate crisis communication and support is essential. With Partner Solutions, you're not alone during your emergency, we respond quickly, with all hands on deck.

Benefits of Crisis Communications & Support

  • Facilitating Crisis Solutions: In times of crisis, the safety of your students and staff is your first priority. All our departments respond immediately, working together and walking hand-in-hand with your school leaders through every step. We help to facilitate, guide, and execute safety protocols to ensure the security of your district.
  • Crisis Communication: Our crisis communication and support teams establish effective communication with parents, attorneys, authorizers, law enforcement, and the media. 
  • Develop Discipline Actions: Depending on the nature of your crisis, disciplinary action may be required in the aftermath. Our teams work with you, guiding you through the best practices based on your current situation.
  • Future Crisis Strategy Planning: Following your crisis, our teams will help you to analyze the situation to learn how to improve the response in the future.

Whether you are facing intruders, power failures, school shutdowns, or any other critical situations, you are not alone. You receive the full breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience, across all our departments, for effective crisis communication and support services. We help you to quickly ensure the safety and security of your district, communicate with families, and determine critical responses before, during, and after your crisis.

Don't walk through a school crisis alone, we are here to help. Call or contact us today for crisis communication and support.