Authorizer Requirements

In order for your charter school to flourish, you need to stay compliant with federal, state, and authorizer requirements. At Partner Solutions, we take the time to act as your liaison. Our team of educational experts works alongside your school leaders to ensure all communication and documentation is submitted to your authorizer on-time, so you can focus on educating your students.

Our Authorizer Requirement Services

  • Documentation Submittal: In order to maintain 100% compliance with your authorizer, all paperwork needs to be submitted accurately and on-time. Our team of professionals keeps track of all due dates to ensure your authorizer is up-to-date without taking valuable time away from the school leaders.
  • Processing the Charter Contract: Charter schools need to have an authorizer body to release a charter. This charter contract is set up to operate for a certain number of years and is an agreement that includes your mission and vision for the future. At Partner Solutions, we work with your school leaders and the authorizers to ensure all aspects of your charter are accurately processed, including:
    • Charter Contract Amendments: All charter schools need to have a contract with an authorizer. We process these amendments and submit them to the authorizer in a timely fashion.
    • Charter Reauthorization Process: At the end of your term, it's essential that your contract is renewed and rewritten. We facilitate communication to ensure all parties are on the same page going into the future. Our team of experts coordinates this process to allow your school leaders to focus on what's important, educating their students.
  • New School Development: When opening a new school, our team works with your leaders to develop your charter school application, apply for grants, complete the articles of incorporation, and assit with the establishment of your board of directors.
  • Your Authorizer Liaison: As your trusted partner, we act as your liaison between your school leaders and your authorizer. Through this relationship, we ensure all necessary steps are completed to maintain 100% authorizer compliance while you focus on developing an effective educational environment for your students.

Throughout the term of your charter contract, it's essential that you meet all required regulations in order to operate successfully. However, keeping track of required paperwork, due dates, and compliance requirements can be overwhelming and time consuming for your school leaders. With Partner Solutions, we are your trusted liaison. We provide effective communication and assist with all necessary paperwork to keep you in compliance with federal, state, and authorizer requirements.

Keep your federal, state, and authorizer requirements up-to-date with the professionals at Partner Solutions. Call or contact us today for more information on how we can help your schools.