Website Services

Your school's website gives you the rare opportunity to provide necessary, useful information to your parents while showcasing all the programs that make your school standout. We provide you with an effective website, and intuitive marketing solutions, to improve communication with your current families, engage prospective students, and feature your school's strengths. The user-friendly, responsive design is fully customizable, giving you the ability to show off your school spirit.

Website Services Features

  • Customization: Being able to display your school's mission and vision is key to highlighting what makes your district unique. With our website services, you can display more than just your school colors and logos. You have the ability to enhance the copy so that it showcases the programs, resources, and tools that help to make your school stand out. With your site you can fully customize the following:
    • Pictures
    • Custom Content Options
    • Rotator with 3 to 5 Customizable Slides
    • Embedded Video Options
  • Calendar Integration: The best way for you to communicate with students, parents, and the community is through a well-managed, updated calendar. We are able to integrate your Google calendar directly to your site. This can be updated directly from your computer and gives your families the ability to merge your school calendar with their own personal calendars to keep up-to-date.
  • News & Announcements: From holidays to half-days to special events, Keep your students, parents, and community up-to-date on all the major news and announcements for your school right on your home page.
  • Meets Compliance & ADA/WCGA Standards: Our experienced website team ensures that all our websites are compliant and meet both the Americans with Disability Act and Web Content Accessibility Standards to ensure everyone who visits your website has the ability to access your content.

One of the fundamental components of a successful school is the ability to effectively communicate with parents, prospective students, and the community. With an interactive, responsive website, you provide your families with a convenient way to gain imperative knowledge and information on your school and its programs.

Connect with parents and engage new, prospective students all while communicating what makes your school unique with website services. Call or contact us today to learn more.