Retention & Recruitment Education Plan

Helping students to flourish both academically and personally is the driving force behind any great educational institution. In order for your school to be successful and meet its vision and mission for the future, you need a strong retention and recruitment education plan to ensure you are fully enrolled to maximize your funding.

Our Retention & Recruitment Education Planning

  • Analyze Current Enrollment for Improvement: How many students do you currently have enrolled and how many students do you need to meet your goals? Our team of school performance experts works with your school leaders to access your current enrollment solutions and analyze how to improve your admissions and to forecast your enrollment for the future.
  • Strategic Planning: Our marketing experts are here to help. Through strategic planning, we determine the best way to market your school to new prospectives, which tools and resources would work best to accomplish this goal, and how to improve current programs to retain your enrolled students.
  • Enrollment Marketing: With extensive enrollment marketing, you have the ability to show new and current students what makes your district stand out. With our enrollment marketing you receive:
    • Online Advertising Campaigns
    • Location Based Targeting
    • Strong Website Call to Action
    • Marketing that Engages Parents & Future Students
    • The Ability To Communicate Your Mission to the Community

Creating a clear, concise retention and recruitment education plan gives you the support and the resources you need to improve your enrollment numbers. Our team is backed by years of experience, we leverage this expertise to provide support to your school leaders. We are dedicated to partnering with your schools to give your leaders the opportunity to focus on providing a nourishing educational environment that encourages students to remain in the district and to flourish.

Increase your enrollment, retain your current students, and help your school reach your goals for the future with a comprehensive retention and recruitment education plan. Call or contact us today to see how we can help your school succeed.