Data Analysis

What do your students know, what should they know, and how do you meet their academic needs? The answers to this imperative questions lie in the data acquired from your testing. It's imperative that your school leaders know both the results and how to analyze this data to understand your school's ability for success. At Partner Solutions, our team of experienced educators work alongside your school leaders, preparing and analyzing the data analysis for your schools, to determine how the results affect your mission and vision for the future.

Our Data Analysis Solutions

  • NWEA Map: Taken three times a year, the NWEA MAP tests are essential to charter schools and highlights their performance to your authorizer. At the end of each cycle, a member of our team will compare your students' results with the norm for students across the country. We utilize these tests scores to determine where your students are succeeding and which areas require growth. As your partner, we work with your school leaders to develop a plan for the future.
  • MSTEP: The results from your students' MSTEP tests are utilized by the state to evaluate your school's performance. Our team makes sure that your school's results are reported correctly to the state on time and efficiently. We also help you analyze the performance to create a game plan for future development.

As your partner in education, your successes and failures are our successes and failures. We work together with your school leaders to effectively perform data analysis on your school's test scores. We help you report, analyze, and utilize your results to promote better education practices for your students and their families.

At Partner Solutions, with our data analysis solutions, we work with you to better prepare your students for the future. Call or contact us today for more information.