Curriculum Development & Assessment

How do you know which instructional strategies will best support your curriculum while also improving your students' learning experience? As an instructor, your main concern is finding the best way to help your children to learn and excel in your classroom; however, researching which strategies to adopt is not only overwhelming, but time consuming. Our team of educators have years of experience in curriculum development and utilize this knowledge to help you vet the right tools to implement into your classroom

Steps to Curriculum Development

  • Determine Instructional Strategies: Are you hands-on? Traditional? Project based? Effective curriculum development begins with understanding your instructional strategies for your classroom. We work with you, helping you to determine which approach will work best for your teaching pedagogy.
  • Vetting the Right Curriculum Tools: Once you have determined the ideal style for your classroom, we help you to vet the right curriculum tools. We leverage our years of experience, and our vast network of schools, to help you create a strategic plan for your curriculum. We work along side you to research the ideal educational programs for you, your teaching style, and your students.
  • Curriculum Implementation: As your trusted partner, we provide continuous support throughout the curriculum development process. Our team of experts works alongside your leaders and educators to help you to implement these models and strategies in your classrooms while also providing you with the tools you need to be successful.
  • Assessment: The only way to know if your curriculum is working for your students is through assessments. We provide you with data analysis on academic and behavioral changes that may have been affected by the new curriculum tools. As educators ourselves, we understand the importance of having a 3rd party take an objective look at the results and the data to determine which areas need improvement. We assist you through all the necessary state level assessments and provide you with an unbiased analysis. Following your assessments, we create an action plan that will showcase how you can improve for your students.

Though the core fundamentals of the curriculum stay the same, the models and strategies used to teach the subject-matters vary greatly depending on your school and educators' pedagogy. Finding the right tools for your students is imperative for their success. Our team is built around experts in education, we work together to provide you with the curriculum development and assessment you need to realize your mission and vision.

Finding the right instructional strategies and teaching methods for your school is imperative to its success. Call or contact us today for professional curriculum development and assessment.