Classroom Observations

A classroom is only as effective as the teacher. In order to provide adequate training, coaching, and support to your instructors, and to help them to perform at their highest level, you need a base-line knowledge of their abilities. At Partner Solutions, we provide valuable assistance in the selection, implementation, and the on-going use of state approved teacher evaluation tools that you can utilize for your classroom observations.

Our Classroom Observation Services

  • Support the Selection of Classroom Observation Tools: We work with your school leaders to research and vet the ideal classroom observation tools to determine effectiveness ratings for your teachers. Our teams of educators have experience in using the following state-approved tools and will utilize this expertise to help you select the right format for your observations:
    • Marzano
    • Danielson
    • 5D
    • And More
  • Implement Classroom Evaluation Tools: As your trusted partner, we walk hand in hand with your school leaders through the entirety of the classroom observation process. Once you have determined the ideal evaluation tools, we help you to implement them at a school level while providing continuous support and guidance.
  • Work In Synergy with HR to Evaluate Results: These tools are utilized during classroom observations of your teachers to provide you with their effectiveness ratings. From these results, if your instructors are under-performing, you will receive an improvement plan that provides any necessary avenues, coaching, and resources they need to teach at their highest level. We work with your human resources to implement this plan to best help the teacher while staying within compliance.

Classroom observations are not only essential for your students, but they are critical in helping to provide your teachers with the tools and support they need to be effective in the classroom. As your trusted partner, we work alongside your school leaders to vet, implement, and analyze the results of your evaluation, helping you realize your school's mission and vision.

Help your teachers to succeed with effective classroom observation tools. Call or contact us today for more information on how we can help your school.