The goal of your school is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for your students to grow, learn, and thrive. In order to meet your school's vision and mission for the future, you need the right people in the right positions to help you succeed. As your school's partner, we guide you through the recruitment process to help you find superior candidates for every position in your district.

Our Recruitment Process

At Partner Solutions, we understand that in order for a candidate to be successful in your district they not only need to be qualified, they also need to be a positive fit for the culture, that is why we believe it's imperative that the school leaders choose their own staff, including:

  • Teachers
  • Administration
  • Clerical Staff
  • Maintenance
  • Janitorial
  • And More

With our recruitment solutions, you have an experienced professional guiding you through the process, providing you with the tools, software, and guidance you need to hire experienced, qualified candidates. We provide you with the necessary employment software, post your job ads, monitor the amount of candidates, and consult with you every step of the way. We make the process as easy as possible for your district and the candidates.

Once you interview and hire the right people to help you meet your vision and mission for your school, they become our employee. Our team of human resources experts takes on any liability and stays up-to-date on all laws and regulations giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best, educating your students.

Creating a fun, informative, and nurturing environment for your students to thrive starts with hiring the right people. Call or contact us today for professional recruitment services.