In order to have a staff that is dedicated, passionate, and focused on the success of their students they need to be assured that their district has their best interests at heart. Your teachers, administrators, and staff rely on their paycheck to be processed correctly, accurately, and most importantly, on time. With payroll services from Partner Solutions, our team is backed by experts with years of experience who are dedicated to helping your school to succeed.

Our Payroll Services

  • Properly Processing the Terms of Accounts
  • Customize Your Payroll to the Needs of the School
  • Maintaining Compliance
  • Ensures Your Payroll is Timely, Accurate, and Secure

From maintaining your current payroll to adding new employees to coordinating an employee's department switch, your dedicated payroll specialist knows your district and efficiently handles all the necessary paperwork to ensure your team is paid correctly and on time.

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When working with Partner Solutions, your employees will have peace of mind that they have a trusted advisor that keeps their best interests as their top priority. With your dedicated, personable payroll specialist, your team members are talking with the same person, every time. This ensures that we are familiar with the needs of your district and fully understand each person's specific needs and issues.

When your team doesn't have to worry about accurate payroll, they can focus on what they do best, educating your students. Call or contact us today to learn about our payroll services.