Benefit Administration

A major part of caring for your employees and providing a safe, nourishing work environment is providing comprehensive health and retirement benefits. However, understanding all the complexities of the plans, staying up to date on rules and regulations, and accurately processing open enrollment is not only time consuming, it can be overwhelming. With Partner Solutions, we work alongside your school leaders to provide comprehensive benefit administration solutions. This ensures you, and your employees, can focus on creating an effective learning environment for your students while having the peace of mind that your health is covered.

Our Benefit Administration Services

  • Plan Selection: Our experienced human resources team works with your school leaders to help determine the ideal health plan options for your district. Your school has the ability to determine how much you would like to contribute to the cost, as well as the employee contribution, based on your budget.
  • Open Enrollment: Whether you have new employees looking to add health care coverage or its time to update your current team's plans, we take on all the responsibilities of open enrollment.
  • Employee Education: It's important that your employees not only understand the significance of health care coverage, but they understand which plan would work best for them and their families. Our team is dedicated to building relationships with your team members. We work with you to provide all the necessary training to ensure your teachers, administrators, and staff have access to all the education they need to make informed decisions regarding their coverage. Our employee training includes:
    • Annual Meetings
    • Webinars
    • Health Coverage Newsletters
    • Online Educational Videos
  • Employee Communication: Our compassionate team of HR experts are available to help your employees with their benefits questions. Because our team builds relationships with our districts, when they call they are working with a compassionate person that knows them and their needs. We walk them through their bill, benefits, or enrollment questions to ensure they have a firm grasp on their benefit packages.
  • Retirement Plan Services: From education to enrollment to financial planning, our experienced team works together to provide your employees with comprehensive retirement services.
  • Legal Resources: Our benefit administration services provide you with the legal resources you need to help your district with any FMLA, medical leave, disability, workman's comp, or illness situations that may arise for your employees. We take the time to stay up to date on all state and local legal requirements to make sure these situations are handled correctly for your district and your employees.

In order to achieve effective benefit administration in-house, your district would have to employ an entire human resources department. With the experts at Partner Solutions, we give you the flexibility to determine the benefit plans, contributions, and percentages for your budget; your district receives all the benefits of a full, experienced team without the hefty bankroll.

Provide your employees with the benefits they deserve while having the freedom to focus on what you're passionate about, educating your students with Partner Solutions. Call or contact us today for comprehensive benefits administration services today.