School Building Improvements

Your students need a highly effective, innovative learning experience that fosters growth, development, and engagement; however, your space could be hindering your district's ability to cater to their educational needs. As your schools grow, and the students' needs evolve, it's imperative that your classrooms, buildings, and grounds have the ability to adapt. At Partner Solutions, we work with you, side by side, to take your building improvements from start to finish. 

Our Building Improvement Solutions

  • Financing: How much money do you need to complete your building improvements and where is the funding coming from? We work with your school leaders to help you to assess the upgrades your buildings need in order to accommodate your school programs and enrollment goals. Once we have determined the types of changes, we work with you to acquire the necessary funding needed to complete your projects.
  • Forecasting: It's essential to have a firm grasp of your district's future budget and debt capacity when determining building improvements. Forecasting helps us to ensure your projects fit into the board approved budget and gives us an understanding of how the funds that will be available for the future will be allocated towards these plans. When completing a comprehensive forecasting we review:
    • Academic Needs: We work with you and your school leaders to determine the building improvements that are required in relation to your goals for future academic growth. This includes determining the programming that will be implemented to help you meet your school's vision for the future and then analyzing your current building space and structure to determine if you have the ability to accommodate these advancements.
    • Building Maintenance: With our forecasting, we not only look at your needs academically, but in terms of building safety. We determine the necessary repairs and building replacements that will be required in order to continue to provide your students with a safe and efficient learning environment.
    • Enrollment: Can your buildings accommodate more students and how many more students do you anticipate enrolling in your district? With forecasting, we analyze your growth trends to help you determine if your current buildings have the capacity to accommodate your future student growth.
  • Hiring Contractors: We are with you for every step of your project. We have decades of experience working with contractors and building professionals. We leverage those relationships to help you find the ideal teams to complete your building improvements in a timely fashion and within budget.
  • Current / New Debt Fulfillment: Our team of experts takes on the responsibility of completing any necessary paperwork or compliance in regards to your current or new debt, bonds, and public information.

Creating a safe, innovative, and educational environment for your students is essential to their growth. As your districts grow and evolve your buildings need to grow and evolve with you. At Partner Solutions, we are dedicated to your success and provide you with an experienced, compassionate financial team to help complete your building improvements. We stand with you, working with your leaders, throughout your project to ensure you have the expansions you need to help you meet your vision and mission for your district.

Help grow your students' future by providing them with the right educational experience today. Call or contact us to learn about how we can help with your building improvements.