Grant Assistance & Management

Applying for, receiving, and maximizing state, federal, and local grants gives your school district supplements the funding you needs to improve academic performance, incorporate new programs, and expand enrollment. However, navigating the process can be overwhelming and time consuming for your school leaders. At Partner Solutions, our team of experts works alongside your school, providing experienced grant assistance and management solutions that help you to secure the finances you need to realize your district's mission and vision for the future.

Our Grant Assistance & Management

  • Vet New Grants that May Be Beneficial to the District
  • Consulting & Facilitation for Grant Application
  • Provide Office of Educational Support Audits
  • Work with Leadership to Create Grunt Funding Budgets
  • Monitor Expenses Daily to Ensure Funds Are Being Spent In Accordance to the Budget
  • Reconcile Grant Expenses
  • Ensure Grant Use is Within Compliance

Our team has years of experience providing professional grant assistance and management. We work hand-in-hand with your leaders, through every step of the process, ensuring grants are properly submitted, all time-tracking requirements are met, and that funds are allocated in accordance to rules and regulations. As your partner, we provide you with professional assistance for every step in the process. This gives you the ability to focus on implementing these programs for your students while we ensure the all the administrative procedures and policies are handled within the rules and regulations of the grant.

Create well-funded, strong educational programs to help your students succeed with professional grant assistance and management from Partner Solutions. Call or contact us today for more information.