Cash Management

In order for your school to be able to focus on the educational atmosphere for your students, you need the proper funding and cash management solutions in place. At Partner Solutions, our experienced financial experts take on the responsibility of monitoring cash inflows and outflows, on a weekly basis, to ensure that all your cash needs are met for your school year. By having a trusted partner in your corner, you have the ability to focus on what matters, educating your students.

Our Cash Management Solutions

Keeping your school funded is a full-time job that requires precision and accuracy. With Partner Solutions, you have the unique opportunity to utilize the breadth and depth of our experienced financial team. This gives you the ability to focus on creating a positive educational experience for your students while maintaining the peace of mind that your cash management is being expertly handled. Our cash management solutions include:

  • Grant Fund Draws
  • Timing of State & Vendor Payments
  • Payroll
  • Cash Projections
  • Borrowing Services

Keeping your funding properly and accurately managed is essential to meeting the vision and mission of your schools. Having an experienced team by your side helps to provide you with the resources and the tools you need to ensure your district's financial stability. With professional cash management from Partner Solutions, you have the peace of mind that your funding is being managed by a partner you can trust.

For professional cash management solutions, call or contact us the experts at Partner Solutions today for more information.