Borrowing Services

A major component to your cash management solutions is borrowing services. A lot of your funding comes from your ability, as a district, to borrow the necessary funds to keep your school adequately funded. As your partner, you receive the benefits of our expansive network. We have worked for decades securing relationships with our local banks to give you the most flexible short term lending options.

Our Borrowing Services

  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Annual Cash Flow Review
  • Solicit Funding from Lending Institutions
  • Complete Regulatory Requirements
  • Consult with Schools on Long-Term Borrowing Needs

We are dedicated to your school and its success. Through our borrowing services, we build long-lasting relationships with your school leaders. Together, we develop and implement plans for your long term debt disclosures and requirements. With our borrowing services team on your side, you have the appropriate funds you need to be able to focus on creating an effective educational environment for your students.

For borrowing services you can depend on, call or contact us at Partner Solutions today.